These general terms and conditions govern the relationship between „JOBTIGER“ LTD., ID Number 130175259, registered as per the VAT Law and having its seat and registered office in Sofia 1000, 13 Veslets Street, tel.: +359 889 344 929, email: – in its capacity of organizer of events, exhibitions and conferences, on the one hand and on the other hand – the participants in such events (referred to herein GT), registered via filling the respective registration form and accepted the present GT, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.


Section I - In-Person Events

1. Registration for participation in specific event, exhibition or conference can include rental of exhibition and/or advertising space from the participant, rental of second advertising space, positioning of roll on banner, etc.
1.1 Renting a space without building a stand by the organizer.
1.1.1 Rent of an occupied area with a size of no more than 2x2 meters. The area is provided to the Exhibitor and he can place a construction on it which meets all fire safety requirements.
1.1.2 When installing an exhibit structure, the Exhibitor undertakes to provide a declaration from the manufacturer that the materials used are not easily flammable and comply with European fire safety standards.
1.2 Renting a space with a stand built by the Organizers
1.2.1 Construction of a stand/booth by the Organizers with a size of 2x2 meters. The construction also includes the provision of a showcase table/table and two chairs which the Exhibitors can use during the exhibition.
1.2.2. If it is not possible to fulfill point 1.2.1 (including technical, spatial, etc.), the organizer provides a table and at least two chairs for use by the participant/exhibitor. The participant/exhibitor is notified of the circumstances of the previous sentence on the day of registration.
1.3 Advertising space outside the stands - the rental of a second advertising space is according to the pre-determined prices for this and is placed in a spot approved by the Organizers on the day of the event.
1.4 The positioning of a roll on banner and other promotional materials shall be placed in the rented area described above without blocking the aisles, entrances and exits, as well as the installation of fire extinguishers and/or emergency exits doors.
1.5 The activity of the participants may be carried out only within the limits of the exhibition area, which they have booked and paid for to the Organizer. It is forbidden to block the aisles, entrances and exits, as well as the fire extinguishers and or emergency exits doors.

2. In cases where the Exhibitor performs the construction and decoration of the stand alone or with the help of an external company, he is obliged to provide to the Organizer with all documents, certificates and project. In such cases the Organizer shall not be liable for any damages related to the construction of the stand.
2.1 When branding a structure provided by the Organizer, the Exhibitor alone or with the help of an external company is responsible for the branding and removing of advertising materials, including foil, posters and other artwork glued to the surface. In the event of failure to comply with this point, the Exhibitor is subject to a penalty - the amount of the fine has been announced in advance and the Exhibitor is aware of it.

Section II – Virtual Events

1. Registration for participation in a specific event, exhibition or conference may include the rental of a virtual exhibition and / or advertising space by the participant or a virtual stand in a platform for online events.

2. The purchase of participation and branding of a virtual stand / space in virtual (online) events depending on the functionalities of the platform may include:
2.1. Creating an individual virtual stand with the possibility for video and / or chat conversation.
2.2. Providing to the Exhibitor admin access to two user accounts with possibility to edit and design the virtual stand as well as providing an access to up to 5 of its representatives at the stand on the day of the event.
2.3. The administrators / owners of the stand get individual access to the history of the conducted conversations with candidates, the candidates who have contacted them, as well as - depending on the purchased package for participation in the event - access to the database with the registered participants.

3. In case a platform with different from the above functionalities is used for a certain event, the organizer provides information about it on the event website.


1. Application for participation
1.1. The application for participation is made by the participant / exhibitor by filling in and submitting a registration form on the website of the event.
1.2. The website of the event contains information on the conditions for participation, including deadlines and the price payable for participation, the cities and dates of the event, as well as the required minimum number of exhibitors..
1.3. The organizer may announce the price for participation in a specific event by tying the deadline for payment of the price to the amount due and in this case, for each individual event, the organizer could indicate more than one applicable price - depending on the payment date.
1.4 The participant/exhibitor can register for participation and pay the prices announced on the event website immediately after their publication, taking into account the price applicable at the time of payment. A successful registration is considered to be one for which the participant/exhibitor, in addition to having submitted an application, has also duly paid the due price.

2. Participation in an event
2.1. The paid amount for participation includes all services listed in the section for employers, posted on the website of the event.
2.1.1 The exhibitor's logo is posted on the event website with a link leading to the exhibitor's career page on
2.1.2 The exhibitor's logo is placed on the event's social media page and used for advertising.
2.1.3. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the Organizer undertakes not to post publications that could tarnish the image and name of the exhibitor.
2.2 Products or advertisements that violate the decency, public order or tranquility and safety of visitors and exhibitors are not allowed as exhibits. When exhibiting goods and exhibits for which a permit or registration from a state body is required, the Exhibitor shall provide the necessary documents himself.
2.3 The participants must transport their exhibits to the booths and arrange them on their own. Additional loading of goods for sale and removal of excess packaging and advertising materials must be done without bothering the visitors and remaining exhibitors.
2.4 Transport of advertising materials shall take place during hours, specified in advance by the Organizer and in accordance with the order announced in advance.
2.5 Transport of advertising materials is to be carried out through entrances, elevators and stairs, announced in advance by the Organizer, in accordance with the provisions of the exhibition venue.
2.6 It is obligatory to follow the instructions of the Organizers and of the fire department concerning the order and safety.
2.6.1 Exhibition of highly flammable and explosive items is prohibited.
2.6.2 Only exhibits and lights complying with The Bulgarian State Standard (BDS) can be connected to the electric network of the exhibition. Electrical installations within the stand shall only be performed by authorized persons in agreement with the Organizer and an expert of the venue which is hosting the event.
3. Cancellation of participation
3.1. When the participant/exhibitor refuses to participate in an event for which he has already registered and paid the corresponding price:
3.1.1. If the participant / exhibitor cancels their participation in an event up to one calendar month before the date of the event, the organizer refunds 100% of the amount paid by the exhibitor.
3.1.2. If the participant / exhibitor cancels their participation in an event up to 14 working days before the date of the event, the organizer refunds 50% of the amount paid by the exhibitor.
3.1.3. If the participant / exhibitor cancels their participation in an event less than 14 working days before the date of the event, the amount paid by the exhibitors will not be refunded.


1. JOBTIGER Ltd. lawfully processes the personal data of the subjects, and this processing is subject to the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.
The processing and storage of personal data is in fulfillment of the following goal - organizing events, exhibitions and conferences related to the labor market. Without this data, the relevant services could not be provided by JOBTIGER Ltd.
The personal data provided by the participant in the registration process for a certain event are collected and processed by JobTiger OOD in order to properly provide the requested service. By providing the name of a contact employee, email, telephone number, the participant agrees that the Organizer will process the provided personal data for the purpose of the event for no more than 2 years.
2. JOBTIGER also organizes and implements virtual career events in cooperation with Brazen Technologies, where registered jobseekers and participants offering jobs contact each other and connect directly with each other through chat sessions and where they register by providing information about themselves. This information includes personal information such as names, email address, resume and other information required in the registration process. When JOBTIGER collects, processes, and stores such personal data for the purpose of organizing and conducting virtual career events, in addition to this Privacy Policy, JOBTIGER also shares the Privacy Policy of Brazen Technologies.


1. Other terms
1.1 Exhibitors are responsible for damages caused by them or their employees to the building, flooring, construction, rented items and damages to other participants or visitors.
1.2 The Organizer is not responsible for any missing items and for damages caused to the Exhibitors during the exhibition.
1.3 In case of a two-day event, the Organizer is obliged to provide security in the exhibition area during the hours after the end of the event on the first day.
1.4 For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the Organizer is responsible for missing items and for damages caused to the Exhibitors during the hours after the end of the day's event.
1.5 When leaving technical equipment by the Exhibitor for storage on behalf of the Organizer during the hours after the end of the event on the first day, the items shall be locked in previously announced premises. The Organizer is not responsible for any missing belongings left outside the locked premises.
1.6 In case of cancellation / change of the date of the event, the Organizer indicates on the website of the event information about this as soon as possible and sends it to the addresses of the already registered participants. In case of cancellation / change of the date of the event, regardless of the reasons, the Organizer is not responsible for damages and lost profits of the participant / exhibitor or third parties that occurred as a result of this cancellation / change.
1.7 The organizer is not responsible for non-fulfillment of its obligations caused by force majeure within the meaning of Article 306 of the Commercial Law, as the relations between the parties in case of force majeure (force majeure) are settled in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.
1.8. When less than the minimum number of exhibitors previously announced on the site are registered for a specific event in a specific city, JobTiger Ltd. may reschedule or cancel the holding of a given event by notifying the registered exhibitors at least 7 days in advance.

These General Terms and Conditions have been developed and adopted by Jobtiger Ltd., and the latter reserves the right to make changes and / or additions at any time and to publish these changes on the website in a timely manner.