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About National Career Days

What is National Career Days?

We have been hearing for a long time about the "gap" between business and education, that there are no well-trained staff, that there are no loyal employers ...
To disprove these negative comments in 2002 we organized the first career forum in Bulgaria. After more than 20 years, National Career Days has established not only as the largest career event in the country, but also as a place where many career paths began.

The main purpose of the forum is the employers to meet their future interns and employees, and the students and young professionals to find opportunities for professional development.

National Career Days has launched the careers of over 53,000 people.

Why should you be part of the forum?


  • To be part of a contemporary career event with a long-standing tradition;
  • To meet the most ambitious candidates with different level of experience and actively looking for development in all business sectors;
  • To present the advantages of the open positions and internship programs that your company offers;
  • To select potential candidates for your open positions.


  • To meet with the leading companies in Bulgaria;
  • To find open job positions and internship from all sectors in one place;
  • To meet in person with representatives of the company and to have the opportunity to expand your network of contacts;
  • For the most active participants in the event there is a raffle with presents.

What happens during the event?

  • Meetings and conversations are held between job seekers and employers;
  • The special online day for virtual meetings and chat interviews.

Who are the participants?

  • Employers from all business sectors.
  • Recruitment agencies, specialized in recruiting specialists.
  • Participants looking for career development, students and young professionals.

About us

  • JobTiger is the biggest provider of HR services for employers and job seekers in Bulgaria and has been organizing National Career Days for more than 20 years in furtherance of its mission to create value for jobseekers, businesses and society.
  • JobTiger’s vision is to create a world filled with purposeful and inspired people whose job is not only a means of living but a key factor for a happy and fulfilling life.