National Career

Selected Advices

How to successfully prepare for National Career Days?

  1. Pre-examine the companies that will participate and make a list of those you want to meet and talk to.
  2. Learn more about the employers you are interested in. Most of the companies, besides business/corporate sites, already have social network profiles and are actively managing them. Remember, social networks are an opportunity for companies to show off their real face, reveal details from “the kitchen”, to tell more about their team and their projects. This will give you the opportunity to feel the spirit of the company and decide whether you would feel comfortable as part of those teams.
  3. Prepare a brief personal presentation – no more than a minute to talk about your basic knowledge, skills and experience, as well as which areas you are interested in or what kind of position you are looking for.
  4. Think about what questions you may be asked and prepare good structured answers.
  5. Keep track of the information that is uploaded about each employer (vacant positions, business information, presentations, etc.) on the official site of the event, as well as on the Career Days Facebook page.
  6. Follow the ads and internships posted at
  7. See tips on how to prepare your cover letter from JobTiger’s and’s Consultants.

How to behave during a career forum?

  1. Dress appropriately – proper clothing is critical when all of us need to make a good first impression.
  2. Be confident - watch the representatives from the companies in the eyes and listen to them carefully.
  3. Don’t forget: The most important are the first 10 seconds – make a very good first impression.
  4. Use the opportunity to get to know the employees of the companies.
  5. Collect contacts and business cards from all the people you talk to in order to get in touch with them after the event.
  6. Smile!

What to do after National Career Days?

  1. Send a letter/e-mail with your CV (and cover letter if requested) to all the employers who have the right positions for you.
  2. Add all the representatives of the companies you met at