The fourteenth edition of the annual event it’s giving professional opportunities to students, young and experienced professionals to find career development positions in Information technologies, Telecommunication and Outsourcing sectors.

The event is a place for virtual and personal meetings between professional development seekers and representatives of companies - leaders in the sectors of IT, Communications and Outsourcing. Career opportunities from the most stable sectors. Open positions for the first job, internship and already advanced in career development.

The traditional live events in the four academic cities will be conducted according to all safety regulations of the Ministry of Health.

The virtual day will be held online allowing employers and job seekers from Bulgaria and abroad to get involved safe no matter where they are located around the world.

Safety is our priority and regarding the epidemiological situation, the organization ensures:

  • Masks and gloves are given away at the entrance of the hall for all visitors.
  • At the entrance of the hall, there is a person who measures the temperature of each participant, not allowing a person with temperature or sickness inside.
  • There are disinfectants at the entrance and in the various sections of the hall.
  • One-way movement of the visitors is advised. Signboards are placed to guide the direction in one way.
  • The organizers take care not to have big gatherings and large groups of people and to ensure enough space between all participants in the event.
  • There is a safe distance between the exhibitors.

JobTiger is the biggest provider of HR services for employers and job seekers in Bulgaria. With more than 20 years on the market the company is the organizer of the biggest job fairs in Bulgaria, the most important of which is "National Career Days". "Career Days" IT, Communications and BPO is an essential part of the annual calendar of these events.

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„Our goal is to create and develop new opportunities in the labor market in Bulgaria and facilitate the dialogue between business, job seekers and education.“